What Goes Around……Comes Back Around……

Several years back, Myself and Sonny Maupin from New World Audio here in Vegas, were tasked with the refurbishing of the Old Debbie Reynolds Star Theatre at the Old Debbie Reynolds hotel and casino (now The Greek Isles Hotel) here in Las Vegas. In it’s day this was one of the classiest old school venues in town complete with its own recording studio and TV post production studio and broadcast center as well as the super deluxe theatre.

At that time the building had been owned by the WWE (World Wrestling Federation) and they had not used the theatre and had let it go to hell and back. It was full of trash and someone had went and cut all the audio and lighting and television wiring throughout the theatre and stolen most of the old gear and equipment. We spent months painting, and sending tone down all the wiring, soldering ends, and replaced all the audio and lighting equipment, including the refurb on the old Barco projectors and bought a new 20′ x 20′ Daylite rear screen projection screen that was the entire rear of the stage………we got the entire theatre show ready……and I swear, this old theatre with is recording studio and it’s television studio and post production studio, had bar none the BEST acoustics in town…..No Lie……

Then once they started doing shows, The Chaos and Dumb that is the hotel industry here in Vegas in many of the ways they approach Entertainment reared it ugly head like never before in this old theatre…….The clueless GM at the hotel at that time, wanted to do 3 to 5 different shows a night in the venue……..The hotel had cannibalized the heating units off the roof of the theatre for the hotel thus there was no heat in the theatre during that winter to the point where the audience and the performers could see their breath…….one night during some Country music tribute show during the Garth Brooks segment, its actually started to rain on stage during the “Thunder Rolls” song thru an unknown hole in the roof from the rain storm outside……..NO LIE……..then there was the “Dinner Show” where the dinner being served was part of the show and they could not get the dinner to come out to be served on cue, and then once they finally solved that problem, the dinners would come out completely cold…….and then I saw that there were putting folded over bed sheets on the dinner table tops because they could not afford there linen account bill (can anyone say Health Code Violation)……….then one day the “Dinner Show” producer came to me about needing some extra PAR 64 bulbs and Gaff Tape and when I asked the Hotel GM to get these things for me, he told me those were “luxuary items” and would not get them for me……well that was it…..I was out of there……….too much Vegas Hotel dumb and stupid for me…….a week later I got some call from some new guy and he asked me what was needed to be done if they ripped the rear screen projection screen……I just laughed…..

So here it is years later………..and today I was asked to go over there to mix some show this coming Friday and Saturday in the evening……….LOL…….well I took the gig………not only for the work or the money……but more so because I am curious as to what state of disaster this old classic theatre has been subjected too……..I cannot wait to see what sort of nightmare state this place might be in…….I will indeed post an update…….stay tuned…….



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