What Goes Around …..Follow Up……

So the Greek Isles Star Theatre (formerly the Debbie Reynolds Showroom) is once again thrashed….I did this comedy show in there as I had stated in the previous post and man was it scary……..the only thing that was a pleasure, was once again the perfect acoustics in the old classic Vegas showroom……..But the once classic showroom with its perfect acoustics, is again dirty, leaking, and had even flooded as I was told after I had discovered that only the Subs on one side of the sound system were working……..I was told that one of the Crown 5002 amps had been submerged in the flood and was blown up……NICE huh?………Needless to say, just thinking about this place and its problems and lack of money or people that know how to run and take care of a room like this, just gives me a headache……so obviously I just got through the gig and got out as fast as possible and tried to forget the whole deal………MOVING ON……



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