Audio for an Organized Riot this weekend?……..

This coming Saturday, I am being sent to the Henderson Pavilion here in Las Vegas to set up a sound system and then mix some band for “The Tea Party Express” with keynote speaker Ann Coulter…….it should be interesting to say the least…….


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More of the same in March……

I started off again this month with more corporate non-sense in area Hotel Ballrooms and convention spaces, mainly flyng hangs of speakers for whatever event that week was either moving in or out…….ZZZZZZZ………

March 11

Got a last minute call earlier in the week to work the 311 Show on 3/11 here in Vegas………The show started at 7PM and ended at 12:30 AM…….311 for 5 1/2 hours……..sold out marathon gig………..And then we started loading it out………..Left the Mandalay Bay Events Center at 7:30 AM…….Very tired……..

March 13 – 14

For the weekend I was back at The Orleans Showroom where, even though I am not employed at The Orleans, I have become their regular Monitor Engineer for most of their shows since last August or so……..this particular weekend it was two nights with Dennis DeYoung (former front man and songwriter with the classic rock band STYX)……….Dennis still has his voice and the band was tight and it was great hearing all those great STYX Classics………The entire band was on in-ear monitors except Dennis himself…….we had a few issues with the Sennheiser EW 300 Ear packs, but once we sorted it out, we were good to go and the shows went off without incident……the crowd loved it and so did I………..Dennis is a perfectionist which I respect, but at the same time he is a bit of a strange bird……


Who wants to Play Bass or Keyboards for The Smashing Pumpkins ??


With the news that THE SMASHING PUMPKINS bassist Ginger Pooley has left the band to raise her new baby with her husband, BILLY CORGAN has announced that he will look for a new bassist in the same manner as he found new drummer Mike Byrne last year: via an open audition process (see below for details). CORGAN also says that auditions will be held (again, see below) for a new keyboardist who is a fan of–and can play in the prog-rock style of–Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman.

Until a new bassist is found, Mark Tulin of The Electric Prunes–with whom BILLY toured last year in Spirits In The Sky–will fill in on an interim basis. Look for The Pumpkins to soon announce a world tour including dates in the U.S.

Says Ginger, who toured the world with the band in 2007 and 2008: “With sorrow and yet with much thankfulness for the opportunity to have played in the Pumpkins, I am sad to say that I can no longer tour with the Pumpkins. Although I’ve been blessed beyond belief over the past few years through playing with the Pumpkins, my priority now is to keep our little family unit together, which includes my husband and my baby. Although I do plan on continuing to do music in different forms, my priority is for neither for my husband nor myself to be apart from our daughter so that we can raise her together. I wish Billy all the best and look forward to seeing the Pumpkins in the near future. I would also like to thank all of the Pumpkins fans for all of their support. I will see you at the Pumpkins shows!”

Says BILLY: “Although I am heartbroken that Ginger is leaving the group, I really respect her decision to put her family first. I appreciate everything that she has contributed to The Smashing Pumpkins, and I’m proud of her for being such a great musician and friend.

“We were lucky enough to find drummer Mike Byrne through an open audition process,” BILLY adds, “so why not open the doors again to anyone who might be interested for the bass or keyboard position. As you can see from our past and present, age, race, or a person’s background is not an issue. Everyone is truly welcome to audition.”

Audition Info:
Bassists and keyboardists looking to play with The Pumpkins should send their background info (including age, a resume of any bands/recorded work), photos and performance web links via email only, either to or Note: only musicians with video clips can be considered. type posts are perfect–that’s how Mike was found. Final date for submission is March 31st !!


2010 starts a new…….I hope…….Anything new would be good….

After an extremely slow 2009, it seems that the new year is off and running at about the same crawling pace……..For me, January was a bunch more corporate stuff (that I hate) and the following:

January 15 – 17

Spent three night doing Monitors for Frankie Avalon at the Orleans Showroom……….and yes his hair was perfect…….Below is a video clip from the show someone put on… this clip, Frankie and Edan Everly on Guitar and Vocals (Don Everly’s son) does the Everly Brother’s classic “Wake up Little Suzie”…

January 22 – 24

Three more nights of Motown madness with The Temptations at The Orleans Showroom…..

Then of course the first half of February was just more of the same Corporate Yuck, so just to get my mind right, I had to run up to The Cannery in Las Vegas (my old house gig) and see Tower Of Power on the night of February 12th…….No one gets you heart beating like these guys….still and always the best soul band on the planet….No pictures or video of this show…..but the video clip below will give you the same groove,,,,,

February 13 – 14

Back at The Orleans Showroom on the Monitor Desk for Richard Marx for two nights……….A really good show actually……Richard still has his voice and is a great songwriter….Just ask N-Sync….PLUS there was this classic adlib moment from the saturday nights show in this phone video clip from someone in the audience below when he completely trashes John Mayer….

February 20 – 21

The following weekend….once again I was back at The Orleans Showroom for two nights doing monitors for Comedy and Movie legend Don Rickles and his Orchestra…..If you ever go see Don Rickles live, make sure you do NOT sit in the first 7 rows, because if you do, it makes you nothing more than fair game for anything…..

February 26 – 27

Finishing out the Month of February, I was also on the Monitor Desk at The Orleans for two nights with the Kenny Wayne Shephard Band………These guys are Great and Easy to work with and just plain know the “less is more rule” to Rock and Roll and Blues……..Kenny is great to work with and Noah, the lead singer, is a whole lot of fun to hang out with as well as work with………..we all had  flawless shows on both nights……PLUS, Chris Layton was playing Drums and I have Known Chris since my days back in Texas when I was at Rockefeller’s in Houston and around Austin with The Ian Moore Band……..Back then Chris of course was the drummer for “Double Trouble” (Stevie Ray Vaughn’s band) and then later the drummer for “The Arc Angels”, with Charlie Sexton……..It was Great to seem him after many years and catch up a bit…..Anyway, we all rocked the Showroom for two nights……plus it was NASCAR weekend here in Vegas, so the crowds were large……Another Rockin good time by all……..Kenny Wayne Shepherd Live video below (from some other show)…….

So this is pretty much what I have been up too thus far for 2010……..Things hopefully will pick up here in Vegas as it gets warmer……