A Nasty NAB moment at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Vegas…..

Last weekend, I did a Corporate for PRG (Production Resource Group) at Planet Hollywood for Panasonic and their NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) event……..everything went smooth and well for all involved aside from the entire crew being stuck in the Freight Elevator for 90 minutes on the load in when it malfunctioned with all of us in it, and then myself being locked in stairwell during the load out for a time only to discover, a pair of boxer shorts and the pile of human feces and the used condoms on the stairwell floor while I waited for security to rescue me…..”nasty” did not even come close to describing the scene……..LOL……too much information??????…….Anyway that was Thursday and Saturday…….in Between, on Friday night I did some work with extra Backline for the Alicia Keys show at the Mandalay Bay Events Center……Alicia looks even better up close than she does in pictures and on TV……….it was a really good show…….



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