Chasing down CANDLEBOX at 12 Midnight….

So here it is, Monday night at 12 midnight and about an hour ago I got an e-mail that informed me that the band CANDLEBOX is looking for a FOH Engineer / Tour Manager to fill in for two dates in Louisville, KY and here in Las Vegas, NV on April 29th and May 1st…….So I just shot off a hurried e-mail with my resume and we will see tomorrow or Wednesday if I get an e-mail back or a phone call…….Years ago in the 1990’s when I was mixing FOH with GOD LIVES UNDERWATER, we were on tour and had a night off in Oklahoma City one night and we got a phone call asking us if we were interested in opening that evening for CANDLEBOX as they had lost their opening act on their tour for some reason…….we went and did the gig that night and we rocked hard and blew the roof off the venue before CANDLEBOX even hit the stage for the evening…….CANDLEBOX was NOT pleased…….LOL…….anyway, we will see if the e-mail inbox or a phone call brings some good news in the next 24 to 48 hours…….maybe I will be getting on a plane shortly……..



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