More Vegas Freelance-A-Go-Go….

Last Friday I was at The Mandalay Bay Events Center flying audio and giant video screens for the overflow from the MGM Grand Garden Arena for last Saturday night’s Mayweather/Mosley Boxing Match…….I knew Mayweather would win…..Mosley is a Puncher…….but Mayweather is a boxer and has probably the fastest stick and move jab of all time…….I guess I should have placed a bet…..but I didn’t…….

Last Saturday I was at the Sunset Station amphitheater for the “People Are Crazy Musicfest” featuring Country Artists, Billy Currington, David Nail, and Mark Wills……The audio rig was from PRG (Production Resource Group) and they brought out the VDOSC rig with a several Yamaha PM5D Consoles and some of the L’Acoustic monitor wedges……..was a long day but everything went well…….below are some picture from throughout the after noon during the soundchecks I took with my Iphone………you can click on the Images to see the full sized pictures…….

This coming weekend, I will be back at The Orleans Showroom on the Monitor Desk doing the Monitors for the legendary R&B group “The Four Tops” for 4 nights, Thursday thru Sunday……..


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