Last week with FOREIGNER and the FOUR TOPS…..

Last Tuesday I was at The Mandalay Bay Beach Pool and set up the Mighty D&B Audio rig with 3G Productions…….once we got the truss and roof up and the Audio rig flown, we called it a day……..Then on Wednesday we loaded in FOREIGNER for a private party gig at the Mandalay Bay Beach Pool Stage for Choice Hotels, International……..It was a long day in the sun but alot of fun……..My good friend Jeff Pillson (who has played with Dio, Dokken, The Heaven and Hell Tour, “Rock Star” (The Movie) among a bunch of other bands and shows) is currently Playing Bass for FOREIGNER and it was really good to see him and touch base and catch up with one another.  below are a few pictures I took during Sound Check on Wednesday…..Click on the pictures to see the full sized images…….

Then I was at the Venetian for some corporate load out on Thursday and then Friday, Saturday and tonight (Sunday), I have been on the Monitor Desk at The Orleans Showroom mixing Monitors for The Four Tops……


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