Sometimes Rock Stars are Everyday Ordinary People too…….

So about an hour ago, I ran up to the grocery store on the corner and as I roamed around the store, low and behold, who do I find on the frozen food isle, but one Chris Fraizer. Chris was shopping for grocerys with his girl Carrie……..It is always refreshing to see that Rock Stars are people too……..Chris and I are buddies from way back when we met on the Pearl Jam “Ten” Tour…… that time he was playing drums for TRIBE AFTER TRIBE, but Chris has played drums for Steve Vai, Steve Perry, Edgar Winter, and Eddie Money, among others and most recently was the drummer for Whitesnake for the last two years……Mega player, ultra cool guy, and good friend……..Chris……looookk !!…..there is a sale on Red Baron Frozen Pizzas !!…….Below is a video of Chris in Action with Whitesnake…….



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