A Good Couple of Days……..

Yesterday, I finally got something I have been waiting for……..for many years it seems………..When I was living in Las Vegas, the one thing I missed was BIG thunderstorms and all day long downpours of rain with lots of lightning and thunder……..if those things happened at all in Las Vegas it was two or three times a year only for about 5 to 18 minutes at a time……..But here in Texas yesterday thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine, we had tons of rain and lightning and thunder all day long…….it was fantastic……..

Also, yesterday i heard from Robert Ausmus at LD Systems here in Houston, and he asked me to give him a call today and was going to have another of his co-workers named Doug Alexander sit in on the call……..This sounds good to say the least, as I would love to go to work for LD Systems as they are the Big Boys on the Block in Houston when it comes to Audio Production Companies……then last night it got even better, when Robert E-mailed me a second time and asked me to drop by the LD Systems Shop at 2PM today………Color me there….!!

I am hoping for good things today from LD Systems…….


Oh and also…..I have a gig this Friday night at the Continental Club here in Houston mixing the band Smithfield…….



And another GREAT thing today is the release of IOS 4.1 from Apple which should finally fix the proximity sensor glitch in my Apple iPhone 4………




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