Continental Club in Houston and Networking Like Crazy….

So Last Friday, I went down to the Continental Club in Houston to Mix the Local Houston Band “Smithfield”…….when we arrived at the Venue, there was a band onstage doing alot of early 60’s covers (The Who, Stones, Etc.)…….they sounded good but I was really not paying much attention at the time while we loaded in…….after that, another act took the stage just before we were to headline the evening, and as I started to listen to the mix that the house engineer was doing, i noticed that there was no EFX on anything……It was a totally dry mix…….not to mention the cardboard box Kick Drum EQ’ing……..also, after their first song or two, the house engineer just up and disappeared from the sound booth………But, once I found him and introduced myself, he gave me the go ahead to mix our show on his system…….once it was out turn, I mostly redialed everything and fired up the EFX processors which were for the most part turned off…….We rocked!!……….and by the end of the night, I felt good having alot of people come up to me and tell me they had never heard this venue sound the way I made it sound last Friday……I Guess I earned my pay……

Besides that, mostly, it has been alot of networking around the area trying to get my foot back into the door here in Houston…….

LD Systems

Bayou City Sound

Southern Sound Systems

and even…..S2 Productions (Stagehand labor and technicians)….

And of course, I have been applying for some touring positions again……….one Big Multi-Platinum Country Artist from Nashville and several others…….and I even applied for a position that is currently open at The Lincoln Center in New York…….


One comment on “Continental Club in Houston and Networking Like Crazy….

  1. welcome back to the deep south! hope the gigs come pouring in like a series of summer rainstorms…
    we got hit with hermine in e. oklahoma, on the way to the grand canyon and mesa verde. 11 inches of rain in 10 hrs. the locals had never seen such a deluge. they insisted that i take a picture of their trash can, half-full of water. it’s what passes for fun in sallisaw, i reckon. take care.

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