Macy Gray….Like Twice Before, the Same Ole Song and Dance…….

Today I am taking a bit of time to catch up on some of the last many weeks happenings………I will start with my Monitor Gig with Macy Gray at the First Annual (and probably the last one I am gonna guess as well) Ghoulsfest here in Houston 2 weeks ago…….I set up the monitor rig two days early at the Festival site and rand through it and made sure the rig from Bright Star Productions was working as I wanted it too………everything was perfect and we were more than prepared once the day of the gig arrived…………Got through Macy Gray’s sound check and the proceeded to bang through 5 warm up acts with online line check right before their sets……all those sets went as smooth as could have been expected, but most of the acts were not what you would call polished or very good for that matter……once it came time for Macy’s set, she hit the stage after some delay backstage in the dressing room, and was pretty much the same song and dance I have experienced the two previous times I had worked with her…….a good set, but, Macy is quite the character……..she seems as if she wants to be the modern day Billie Holiday with her spacey demeanor………don’t get me wrong…..she is very nice, very talented and has a great voice…..but she is, just out there…….I am not sure if it is just her, or it is an act, or “the needle and the damage done” ( much like her role in the movie Training Day with Denzel Washington a few years back)……I really cannot figure her out……nevertheless, the set went fine and she never asked me for anything, so I can only guess she was OK on stage during her set in front of the smaller than expected crowd……



One comment on “Macy Gray….Like Twice Before, the Same Ole Song and Dance…….

  1. I am a huge fan of Macy Gray’s and from what I haev seen of her I think your description is apt. She does seem friendly and engaged on her twitter feed and I have even had a few exchanges with her on sports.

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