Steppin into Darkness with The Cisco Kid, The Lowrider…..and Drag Queens?

Last week I did Monitors for some of my favorite people……The great band WAR……..

It was for the “Orange Show Gala” in South Houston…….The Orange Show is an organization here in Houston that seems to be made up of the art community, the gay community and the liberal rich art patrons as best I can tell…..if you want to know more, just Google “Orange Show Houston” or “Art Cars Houston” and you will get an idea…….really cool, but really out there art…….

The Orange Show put on their Gala in this Big Warehouse filled with Wild Art, Round Tables and Chairs with catered high end food (yet the steak was cold) all around a big dance floor in front of a big stage they had set up………I took the Monitor Rig and set up the rig and all the monitors a day early (I really like this) and layed out the stage just how I knew WAR would need it and want it after working with them so many times when I was in Vegas when they would come through town.  The Guys in WAR are without a doubt the coolest and most laid back group of people you could ever encounter or have the pleasure to work with……It is always a pleasure for me to see these guys…….we always have a great time and a great show………and needless to say, they were indeed surprised to see me there in Houston, and confessed to me that when they arrived the night before the gig and had walked through the warehouse and saw the stage, they knew someone that knows them had set up the stage, as it was perfect they told me……

Then on the afternoon of the show, we did our usual line check with all their backline techs and proceeded to chill out and do the “hurry up and wait” for show time…….

If you have never seen WAR live, I urge you to do so the very first time you get a chance…….The are simply amazing live…….they work the crowd, and they are all amazing players (the bass player always just blows me away), and they of course do all their hits in such tight fashion, you never want it to end…….All the Hits……’The World is a Ghetto”, “Why Can’t We Be Friends”, “The Cisco Kid”, “Steppin into Darkness”, “Me And Baby Brother”, among others, and this time they closed the show with a nearly 25 Minute version of “Lowrider”……..but the strangest moment of the evening, was during the song “Spill The Wine” when Lonny describes the ‘beautiful lady” in the middle of the song and suddenly, every drunken drag queen in attendance at the Gala (and there were tons of them), all decided it was their cue to come up on the stage and dance about…….Strange Days indeed my friends……….but in the end it was a great gig, and I got paid large, and got to see and hang out with and work with my good friends in the band WAR again…….Life is good on days like this one was………Groove on your Favorite WAR tunes at the link Below:


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