So… two here in Austin, TX got underway with me headed to Lowe’s Hardware Store for an 8′ 2X4 and 4 ratchet straps in order to put a downward tilt on the top boxes of the Turbosound speaker system……and since the boxes are a bit top heavy, of course I decided that they needed to be strapped down to avoid any disasters that might occur…….chopped the 8 foot long 2X4 into foot long audio logs, shoved them under the backs ends of the top Turbosound boxes and then strapped the top boxes to the subs and was good to go……..Monday night (day one) was all acoustic acts at the meet and greet, but I knew we were gonna get finally all cranked up Tuesday night and I was going to be ready for whatever no matter what…….the first act Tuesday was BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT……really cool British Techno Pop……slot of keyboards but really interesting…..reminded me slot of Thomas Dolby…….but the second act was a guitar driven really loud act……and that’s when the first issue of the week reared it ugly head…..the old club Latitude 30’s power was just not up to the task…..and when we loaded in last Sunday and I looked at the power situation, I do remember telling myself that it might be an issue……another one of those moments when, I told you so just doesn’t quite say it…….and of course I am usually “that guy”…… And sure enough when the band cranked up during the second song, circuit number 4 to the stage power in the building tripped…….so I fought my way through the ultra packed house of people, found the breaker box and reset it……..FOH backed down the volume and the load on the buildings lacking power and we continued until the break before the next band when I re-routed some of the power to any additional power circuits I could find in the club…….after I did that, we cranked the rig back up to full tilt and we were good to go……no more issues and the rest of the night of British acts went off without a hitch………we rocked the house from 8PM until 2AM and then called it a night…….

Pictures I have taken from the first two days of SXSW 2011 can be seen here:

ENJOY…….more tomorrow on day three to come……..





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