APRIL 2011……

Once again it had been a while since I wrote……been very busy with Bayou City Sound, Bright Star Productions, LD Systems here in Houston and also a few gigs mixing the band SKYROCKET…….

The talent in this region of the country is second to none…..great bands, great songwriting, and great original music…….I only wish that the production in this area of the country and the gear at many of the venues and events would catch up with the talent…….1989 called and they want their tired worn out gear back…!!……I seem to be doing a ton of troubleshooting on the show sites all the time just to get the rigs to function properly……SIGH……!!

I also mixed SKYROCKET at the Houston Society of the Performing Arts fundraiser gala in the Lobby of the prestigious Wortham Center in downtown Houston on the Meyer Melodie mini line array rig…….it seems that after the gig I am now the Society of the Performing Arts newest favorite FOH engineer…..

It also looks like I will be working for LD Systems at the 2011 Houston International Festival in Downtown Houston…….



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