I prepped the rig Thursday and loaded it in and set it up on the Louisiana Stage of the 2011 Houston I-Fest on Friday for LD Systems……once i fired up the rig, one of the monitor amp racks had an issue with channel two of the top amp of the bi-amped mix of mix two…….channel two of the amp kept going into protect and then it healed itself after about 5 minutes…….then the top BSS FDS320 crossover in that amp rack just up and died……both the high and low channels in both channel 1 and channel 2 went into protect…….had another amp rack delivered and it corrected the problem…….

I then showed up Saturday morning on day one of the festival and almost immediately had another gear issue……this time with the split…….the spit would output all the input channels to FOH but would not output any of the channels to the monitor desk…..after some rerouting and troubleshooting, it was determined that the ISO transformer in the split had failed and would not output any of the input channels to the monitor side of the split…….luckily for me my stage boxes on that stage had “thru” XLR outputs on every input channel, so I ran a ton of mic cables from the stage boxes to the inputs of the monitor desk on the input channels I needed to make the monitor rig work to get thru the first act of the day until another replacement split arrived from the shop…….it was not pretty….but it worked…..once the replacement split arrived, I re-attached the original cabling and all was right with the world……I got thru the rest of the day without any other issues and all the Cajun an Zydeco bands were great……..I also got the work with Gary Moore who was Stage Managing the stage and we had a fine afternoon and evening……Gary is also one hell of a talent buyer and booking agent and also manages JESSE DAYTON……it’s always a pleasure working with Gary……..I also worked that day with Dave Hartung…….he was doing FOH on the Louisiana Stage and it was great working with him again…….I originally had met Dave many years ago in the early 90’s when I took him out on tour as a guitar tech for TRIBE AFTER TRIBE on the SAIGON KICK tour……..after the initial gear hurdles, it turned out to be a great day……….






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