Welcome to Blakeworld……The online Blog of Blake Norris and everything that happens in my world. I am a nearly 30 year veteran of the Entertainment Production, Live Concert Audio, and Touring Industry currently residing in Las Vegas, NV.

After touring with Major Label Artists for most of the 1990’s…..

Tribe After Tribe (Megaforce / Atlantic Records)
Hammerbox (A&M Records)
The Gin Blossoms (A&M Records)
Atomic Opera (Giant Records)
Ian Moore (Capricorn Records)
God Lives Underwater (American Recordings)
etc., etc……..

In 1998, I relocated to Las Vegas and worked with Local Sound Companies, and worked at area Venues and in Various Casino Showrooms.

Currently I am doing Freelance Audio while seeking a new full time position with a large Production or Touring Company, or well established Theater or Entertainment Venue or an Artist Management Company. I am open to touring or relocation for the right position.

Blake Norris’s Specialties:
FOH (Front of House) Audio Engineering (A1)
Stage Monitor Audio Engineering (A2)
Audio Systems Management Technician
Backline Drum Technician
Production Management
Stage Management
Tour Management


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