Doing the hurry up and wait…..

It’s Wednesday, and I am back in Houston after spending most of last week in Austin, TX at the TAF&E convention doing monitors for all the showcase acts (10 acts to be exact) on a 24 channel Presonus Studiolive digital console with my iPad….I must say it worked really well….. Ate some great food while I was there too….but today I find myself sitting presently on a cold cement bench outside of the Houston, TX House of Blues with my iPhone where I am doing the hurry up and wait for the load-in with SKYROCKET…. We are here on the main stage tonight for a private party and then back here Friday and Saturday as well…..I arrived early with the hopes of getting my hands on the Soundcraft Vi6 digital console at FOH a little early….but alas I am the first one here……….guess I will just have to chill until the scheduled 3PM load-in…..


Who Needs Sound Systems For SXSW This Year ???

Who Needs Sound Systems for SXSW this year…???

Myself along with Bayou City Sound…….Last year at SXSW we had the rocking Turbosound rig with all the Digidesign Consoles inside the Club LATITUDE 30 there in Austin for the British Music Embassy Shows. We have that same system available as well as smaller systems with either analog mixing consoles or the new Presonus digital consoles with the iPad Mixing interfaces (so there would be no need for a FOH position or pulling a snake) and we also have larger SoundBridge and JBL Vertec Line Array systems available for larger indoor or outdoor events as well…….Consoles, Monitor Systems, whatever you need to make your acts at this years SXSW sound GREAT !! Contact me/us here or you can e-mail me at or call me at (702) 480-6932……

We will also be in Austin January 12th thru the 15th for gigs if you want to come talk to us in person….