Midas gets their iPad on…….

MIDAS Mixtender iPad App

MIDAS Mixtender iPad app. provides wireless remote control for key functions of the MIDAS PRO2, PRO2C, PRO3 ,PRO6 ,PRO9 and XL8 consoles.

MIDAS Mixtender automatically selects the right console type so there is no difficult setup procedure.

With the MIDAS Mixtender app. you can monitor ALL input and output metering simultaneously in real time.

The MIDAS Mixtender app. provides simple, fast local stage mix adjustment by accessing the consoles’ amazing MCA (Mix Control Association) feature right by the artist or wedge! You can use multiple iPads simultaneously and lock each one to a single mix so the artistés can’t change any other console settings. Use the iPad to remotely EQ any speaker mix with one of the console’s on-board KT DN370 GEQs.

The MIDAS Mixtender iPad app. is free to download from Apple’s App Store.

Please search for Mixtender on the Apple App Store in order to download and install it on your iPad.