Probably my most notable work as Front of House Audio Engineer and Tour Manager was throughout the 1990’s with THE GIN BLOSSOMS. Larry Weintraub with A&M Records hooked me up with what was at the time A&M’s newest project and put me in touch with Morty Wiggins at Bill Graham Management and off we went on THE GIN BLOSSOMS first tour, the “New Miserable Experience” to support the debut album of the same name opening for Toad The Wet Sprocket. Things went well and then there was a second tour (“The Salary Remains the Same Tour”) followed by more record releases and more tours as a headline act and in support of other acts. This continued throughout the 1990’s. These days I still work with the BLOSSOMS from time to time when they come through the area and usually do several dates with them each year throughout the region supplying sound systems through various sound companies and usually end up on the Monitor Desk as well. Back in the day these guys were always great, but these days I think they are better than they ever were back in the day……Their songwriting has really evolved and they have become seasoned performers……..A true Americana band !!

TRIBE AFTER TRIBE (Megaforce/Atlantic Records)

This was the First major tour I was on as the FOH (Front of House) Audio Engineer as well as the Tour Manager. The band was TRIBE AFTER TRIBE (Megaforce / Atlantic Records). This was Jeff Amet’s (Bass Player for Pearl Jam) favorite band back in the Early 1990’s and so he choose us to be Pearl Jam’s Opening Act for a good portion and endless “Ten” Tour that year and also for much of the European leg of the “VS” tour. This critically acclaimed band, originally from South Africa, also featured Mega-Drummer, Chris Frazier (who has also toured with the likes of Steve Vai, Eddie Money, Edgar Winter, Steve Perry, and Whitesnake, just to name a few…..) Chris and I are still good friends. Robbi Robb, the Lead Singer and Guitarist and I are also still in touch with each other and he currently lives in Joshua Tree, CA.


This Seattle based Act, HAMMERBOX (A&M Records), featured Vocalist Carrie Akre (also the lead singer for the group Goodness) and was one of the groups along with Mudhoney that started MTV’s “Rock The Vote” Campaign. Once again I was the Front of House Audio Engineer and Tour Manager. We toured in 1994 on a co-headline bill with King Missle…….Carrie is in Minneapolis and amazing Guitarist Harris Thurmond now lives in Austin, TX…….

ATOMIC OPERA (Giant Records)

This Houston, TX based band and their album “For Madmen Only” was produced by Sam Taylor (producer for ZZ Top and King’s X among others)……..I was their Front of House Audio Engineer on the 1995 Ronnie James Dio “Strange Highways” tour where ATOMIC OPERA was their opening act for the entire tour………

THE IAN MOORE BAND (Capricorn Records)

I was also the Front of House Audio Engineer and Tour Manager for Austin, TX Guitar God IAN MOORE and his band during his two album stint on Capricorn Records (“Ian Moore” and “Modern Day Folklore”). Ian is an amazing guitar player and singer and songwriter and during this time we toured all over the U.S. and Europe doing our own headlining shows as well as opening dates with ZZ Top and The Rolling Stones and even did the 4th of July in front of 80,000 in Texas Longhorn Stadium with Willie Nelson. We even did the “King Biscuit Flower Hour” with “The Blues Travelers” live from Jimi Hendiix’s Electric Ladyland Studios one night…….Ian still performs all over the U.S. these days and does alot of shows around Texas and in Seattle, WA where he now lives. If you ever get a chance to see this amazing talent, I urge you to do so as you will become a lifelong fan.

GOD LIVES UNDERWATER (American Recordings)

The Last tour I did in the 1990’s was with GOD LIVES UNDERWATER. This was one incredible live act. Sort of Tool, meets King Crimson, meets a Rave party! This band live was HEAVY…….Les Paul’s, Nord Lead Synths, and a big bottom end and backbeat. At the time of this tour, we were out supporting their debut album “Empty” (produced by mega producer Rick Ruben) which at the time was out selling their label mates “The Black Crows”. We were doing headine dates as well as support for Collective Soul a couple of times as well as Spacehog, Candlebox, Stabbing Westward, Korn, and Garbage. It was also this band that finally drove me from the road and had me retire from the tour busses in 1998 after which I moved to Las Vegas where I am currently. Why you ask?…….Well let’s just say that it was hard watching many of the people you knew and worked with end their careers and literally their lives from their extreme excesses……R.I.P. David Reilly…….

THE FLAMING LIPS (Warner Brothers Records)

Off and on throughout the 1980’s I often mixed The Flaming lips around the midwest when there were strating out on various independent record labels including Pink Dust during the time of their critically aclaimed album from those days ‘Here it is”.  Then, in the early 1990’s, I also mixed FOH (Front of House) for the Lips during their first release for Warner Brothers Records, “Hit to Death in the Future Head”.

Twenty Mondays (Spindletop Records)

This is the Texas act from Houston that should have been bigger than big, that just did not get there for some reason.  5 guys that all knew each other from their high school days playing sort of a progressive Duran Duran meets INXS meets THE THE and The Beatles.  Their first and only debut record on Spindletop Records “The Twist Inside” was nothing short of a true artistic masterpiece with guest appearances on the album from members of Toto, Julian Lennon, Michael Schenker, Porsha Griffin, and a host of others.  The album was produced by Garth Richardson (most well known from his Grammy nominated first record with Rage Against The Machine).  I was the guys FOH Engineer and we toured all over Texas and did several of the MTV Sports Festival  tours and Spring Break festivals around the Country as well as opening for The Rembrandts and The Smithereens on occasion.  At Home in Houston, we would regularly sell out shows so far past capacity that the venues would run out of booze and beer and even glassware with lines stretched around the block waiting to get in…….Huge crowds would come out to see this band perform live…….Then one night in Houston, on the second night of a massive sold out 2 night stand, the guys just announced on stage, that on that particular evening, it would be their last show…….everyone there was shocked…..Five of the Most Talented guys I have ever known…..No video exist of this band, but I have included a few  pictures and MP3’s of their work below……

“THE TWIST INSIDE” LP Cover artwork (Below)

Four Songs from the LP, “The Twist Inside” can be found at:



  1. Don Gomez also fathered me into the music business….
    A special kind of person..If you would like to call sometime feel free.


    I am also collecting stories for a Texas Monthly article (or at least I am going to attempt it)


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